Pool Bar

During the summer months, our Pool Bar offers delicious local and foreign alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks for our guests who want to have fun.

Zeytintaşı Cave

Zeytintaşı Cave is located southeast of Gökçeler Quarter of Akbaş Village, 15 km. north of Serik district of Antalya. Located on the southern slope of Zeytinlitaş Hill, the cave is 54 km from Antalya, 16 km from Serik and 10 km from Aspendos.Zeytintaşı Cave, which was discovered by chance in 1997 through an artificial gallery […]

Uçansu Waterfall

Uçansu Waterfall is 70 km from Antalya, on the line separating Kayabükü Village and Eskibağ Village. It is reached by taking the Abbdurrahmanlar-Gebiz junction on the Antalya-Serik-Alanya highway. This natural wonder in Akçapınar Village of Gebiz Town is 17 kilometers from Gebiz.

Side Ancient City

Side was the most important port city of the Pamphylia Region in ancient times. Side Ancient City was founded on a peninsula in the coastal part of Manavgat District. B.C. It has a history dating back to 8 years. “Side”, which means pomegranate, took its name from Luwian. In the 7th century BC, it came […]

Köprülü Canyon National Park

Köprülü Canyon National Park is located 63 km northwest of Manavgat district of Antalya province and 85 km northeast of Antalya province. This region, which covers an area of 366.140 decares in the location of the Köprüçay (Köprü) river and the historical city of Selge within the borders of Manavgat district, was reserved and declared […]

Aspendos Ancient City

Located at the 2nd kilometer of the road turning north from the 44th kilometer of Antalya – Alanya highway, Aspendos is famous for having the best preserved Roman theater not only in Anatolia but also in the whole Mediterranean world. The city was founded on a hill plain near Köprüçay (Ancient Eurymedon), one of the […]

King Pool

The King’s Pool is located on Uçandere within the borders of Kozan Neighborhood in Gebiz Town of Serik District. From bottom to top, there are Lower Uçansu Waterfall, Upper Uçansu Waterfall and the King’s Pool in the upper region. The King’s Pool is a natural pool carved in limestone rocks by the waters of the […]

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